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 Lacey WA Junk Removal 98503 – Junk / Garbage Removal
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We are easy to work with, and pay attention to detail. If you are stressed about getting rid of your unwanted items and or junk off your Lacey WA property you’ve landed on a legetimate solution to help you! Feel free to interact with us on our Get An Estimate / Schedule A Pickup form.

Safety FIRST, everything else second. In addition to focusing on your request for junk removal / garbage collection we also take safety seriously! We maintain a “safety first” approach/attitude when evaluating job requests and preforming the work you want done. If you reside in the City of Lacey we service your area! Schedule your free estimate today!

With us, spring cleaning is year round! We will pickup your garbage/junk promptly! We also assist attorneys, landloards, property management companies, real estate brokers, contractors and more!

Answers to your questions..

Our Lacey junk removal pricing is based on volume & accessibility. Our transport haulers are various sizes. All jobs are measured in terms of how much of a load (your stuff) takes up in the selected hauler. All-inclusive are labor and gas! Even though you’re only paying for space, our professional hauler will sort, carry, load and transport at no additional cost. Pricing Structure is based on the amount of stuff you want gone. Everyones removal project differs, thats why its best to get an estimate. Request your free estimate Today!

Yes, Our Lacey junk removal service can send our rapid response team out to assist your request! Please let us know all the important details regarding the item you are wanting us to pick up. You can call or text us at 360-789-8749 or request a free estimate. We will be certain & prompt to get right back with you!

Yes, our Lacey junk removal service can get the job done fairly quickly! As with all jobs, we secure the loads down in the hauler so nothing flops around. Larger old swingsets, and old BBQ’s we can take as well. Feel free to call/text us directly at 360-789-8749 or request your free estimate Today!

In accordance with government regulations, we are prohibited from disposing of car fuels & fluids, wet paint, ammunition, grease, medications, propane, kerosene, herbicides and pesticides, bleach & cleaners, batteries, gasoline, hazardous waste, pool chemicals, paint thinner, biohazzard items, diesel, chemical fertilizer, light bulbs, oil and explosives of any type.

Your bill is due and payable at the time of service. You can pay for your junk removal project in cash, check or credit card, as we accept all major cards to include debit cards, pay pal, apple pay and google pay. We will generate your invoice onsite, e-mail or text it to you so that you can remit payment in real time.

Lacey WA Junk Removal, Lacey WA 98516

Lacey WA junk removal service is ready to serve you! Do you need to get rid of junk / unwanted items and live in Lacey WA? Would you rather use your time doing soimething other than junk removal? Then On Call Junk Removal LLC is your solution!

  • Leave it all to us. We will do the job, from start to finish! Benifit from not having to lift a finger!
  • Transfer. Once loaded, we will engage with the discarding process and depart your property. Now you can scratch that off your list!
  • Eco-Friendly.  We strive to divert delivering 100% our loads to landfills. We reuse, recycle, resell, and re-purpose whenever possible. We limit the amount of our loads to the landfills by finding ways to reuse your unwanted or non-working items. Protecting and sustaining our environment for future generations is key to a better world! Unclutter your home today and free up needed space!
  • All systems go. Start with your free estimate request by booking an appointment today. If you need expedited help, we should be able to assist you with same day service or service shortly thereafter for your Lacey junk removal project. Destress your life Today!