Old refridgerator, broken stove/oven and junky looking washer

  We remove old nasty appliances

Yes, we can remove your old appliances
and make way for the new ones. On average, repair costs to non-working equipment can far exceed the investment of simply just purchasing new appliances. We will either donate, recycle, refurbish or landfill your old appliances depending on the condition they are in at time of pick-up.When it comes to appliance removal, there are several intricacies and safety aspects we consider. Below is a comprehensive list.

Safety Precautions:
Ensure that all employees are trained in proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries.
Use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves to protect hands from sharp edges, and safety goggles for eye protection.
Check appliances for any hazardous materials before removal. We do not transport hazardous materials.

Disconnecting Appliances:
Always unplug electrical appliances before attempting to move or dismantle them.
For gas appliances, have the gas supply turned off and disconnect the appliance following manufacturer guidelines.

Assessing Weight and Size:
Determining the weight and dimensions of the appliances to plan for proper lifting and transportation equipment is key.
We consider the size of doorways, hallways, and staircases for safe passage.

We use appropriate vehicles equipped with secure tie-downs to prevent appliances from shifting during transportation.
We secure appliances to prevent them from tipping over or causing damage.

Disposal or Recycling:
We check local regulations for proper disposal methods and recycling options for different types of appliances.
Some appliances, especially those containing hazardous materials, may require special disposal procedures.

Environmental Considerations:
Environmental regulations regarding the disposal of certain appliances may increase the disposal price.
We dispose of refrigerators and air conditioners responsibly, ensuring the proper handling of refrigerants.

Communication with Customers:
We clearly communicate the removal process with clients, including any preparation steps we may need to take before we arrive.

Pricing Structure
On Call Junk Removal LLC is affordable for all. Our pricing menu is volume-based which means we only charge you for the amount of space your stuff/junk takes up in our hauler. “Each junk removal job request is unique, so too is each estimate.” Some situations / loads are easier than others. Request your free estimate today.


$251.00+ depending what you have for us to haul.