nasty used old mattress leaning against a wall that was improperly disposed of

We remove mattresses and other furniture you no longer want

Yes, we remove mattresses. Are you experiencing sleepless nights and back pain? Are you considering getting rid of a mattress that just does not seem to work anymore? Worry no longer, at On Call Junk Removal LLC we can help. We can remove mattresses and boxsprings fairly quickly. It’s not an every day event that homeowners can move such bukly items easily. We have the know how & equipment to remove your unwanted junk. Request your free estimate Today.

Pricing Structure
On Call Junk Removal LLC is affordable for all. Our pricing menu is volume-based which means we only charge you for the amount of space your stuff/junk takes up in our hauler. “Each junk removal job request is unique, so too is each estimate.” Some situations / loads are easier than others. Request your free estimate today.

Minimum Pickup

1/8 Trailer
1/4 Trailer
1/2 Trailer
3/4 Trailer
Full Trailer