Pile of misc wood ready to have removed along with overgrown grass, trees and old falling apart fence

We remove debris from past projects and trash in general

Yes, we provide professional assistance for construction debris removal. Materials may include carpet, carpet pads, drywall, insulation, pallets, porcelain, steel, wood waste, and more! REMOVING JUNK IS OUR BUSINESS. Remember, we are licensed, bonded & insured and “On-Call” for you.  You can either call or text us at 360-789-8749 to dicscuss your project or Request your free estimate Today. 

Pricing Structure
On Call Junk Removal LLC is affordable for all. Our pricing menu is volume-based which means we only charge you for the amount of space your stuff/junk takes up in our hauler. “Each junk removal job request is unique, so too is each estimate.” Some situations / loads are easier than others. Request your free estimate today.

Minimum Pickup

1/8 Trailer
1/4 Trailer
1/2 Trailer
3/4 Trailer
Full Trailer